Patient Care & Services

Burn Patient Care & Services for Children

The Burn Center prides itself on having a team of specialists trained to work specifically with young burn patients. In addition to offering acute care, outpatient rehabilitation and advanced reconstructive surgery, our team of specialist’s work to help reduce pain, lessen the frequency of dressings, reduce scarring and time in the hospital, all while treating burns with specialized and advanced techniques.

Because of the complex nature of burns and their physical and psychological impact on patients and their families, the Burn Center utilizes the expertise of specialists from multiple disciplines, including anesthesiology, child life, critical care, general surgery, infectious diseases, injury prevention, nursing, nutrition, pain management, pediatric surgery, physical therapy, plastic surgery, psychology/psychiatry, and social work. Consulting and collaborating on a case-by-case basis, these physicians, nurses and therapists tailor care to the individual patient and family from acute care to daily medical management to long-term chronic care. The Burn Center offers the latest in burn dressings, specialized wound care, and plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques, but treatment is guided by minimizing pain and trauma for the child.

Our Multidisciplinary Approach

To provide a constant and well-rounded continuum of care, the Burn Center team includes:

  • Pediatric plastic surgeons
  • Pediatric Critical Care Intensivists
  • Nurses trained in burn care, wound care and advanced life support
  • Respiratory, physical and occupational therapists
  • Access to pediatric medical and surgical subspecialists

In addition, this team works closely with nutritionists, social workers and child life specialists to fully meet your child’s needs.

Understanding Pain

Burns are extremely painful and uncomfortable for pediatric patients. Our staff understands that pain is real and can be managed effectively with attention and treatment on a scheduled basis.

Encouraging Recovery

We know how important it is to encourage recovery in young patients, and our staff works hard to motivate children. A reward-based reinforcement program has been developed to encourage patient participation in therapies, and to help move children forward along the road to recovery.