Thoracic Surgery

Areas of Expertise

Miminally invasive surgery: Up to 60% of our thoracic surgeons’ practice involves minimally invasive thoarcoscopic procedures including thoracoscopic lobectomy, sublobar resection, resection of mediastinal tumors, pericardial disease, pleural disease. Our surgeons, particularly Dr. Tammy Baxter also perform EBUS (endoscopic bronchoscopic ultrasound) and rigid bronchoscopy as diagnostic procedures for airway and mediadtinal diseases.

Lung cancer screening program: Dr. Richard Thurer is leading efforts in lung cancer screening in high risk individuals using CT scan.

Radical resections of complex tumors of the chest: Our surgeons are experts in performing complex procedures such as sleeve lobectomy (bronchoplasty or pulmonary arterioplasty) or radical pneumonectomy for locally advanced lung cancer, combined cervical/thoarcotomy approaches for superior sulcus tumors or extrapleural pneumonectomy for malignant pleural mesothelioma. Our surgeons also work with other surgeons (neurosurgeons, spine orthopedic surgeons, cardiac surgeons) to tackle complex cancers involving the spine or the heart.

Thoracic Endovascular Procedures

Translational research: Our surgeons participate in multi-institutional clinical trials (ACSOG, CALGB, RTOG) as well as in-house clinical research projects. Dr. Nguyen also conducts basic science bench research on targeted molecular therapy for thoracic cancers.