Center of Excellence

The University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute

The Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) is a comprehensive research institute dedicated exclusively to curing diabetes. It is a recognized world leader in cure-focused research and a pioneer in islet cell transplantation. The Diabetes Research Institute’s commitment to improving the lives of patients has resulted in landmark advances in several areas of diabetes research and patient care, including gestational diabetes, transplant immunology, and islet cell isolation and transplantation.

Committed to advancing research to cure people living with diabetes, the DRI focuses on the safe translation of basic research into advances for patients in the shortest possible time. The institute’s pioneering work in the field of islet cell transplantation has made it an internationally recognized leader in biological replacement strategies and the testing facility of choice for both industry partners and scientists looking to “fast track” their most promising discoveries.

Throughout its history, the DRI has maintained an open-door policy, initiating global collaborations with other leading research centers and biotech companies, as well as training others in the field. This philosophy has resulted in a worldwide sharing of knowledge and resources, which has further accelerated progress toward a cure.