Division of Research : FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of research does the Dept of Surgery do?

Clinical Research – typically involving pharmaceutical or device testing; this work quite often includes human subject participation.
Basic Research – typically involving animal models to explore scientific questions; it can lead to breakthroughs or paradigm-shifts in practice.
Translational Research – involves exploring basic science questions that translate to practical application in clinical settings.

Where can I find funding?

You can use the university’s site SPINPlus to find funding related to your special interests:

Or you can search for university internal funding opportunities at:

How do I get started if I have a grant I want to submit?

Contact Mitzi Tanaka at the department’s Office of Research Development by phone at 305-243-5318 or by email at mtanaka@med.miami.edu. She will discuss where you are in the process and guide you towards your next steps.

Why should I work with the department before I submit? Can’t I just contact them once I have an award?

It is very important to meet with a Research Administrator BEFORE you submit for several reasons. Proper preparation of a submission means faster execution of an award. The mechanism to create an award cannot occur without a proposal in the system so you can’t skip this step. If you create the proposal in the proper order (and with the proper approvals already applied), then once the award is received, creating the account to get your work up and running is a simple step.