Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many cases did the Division of General Surgery see last year?

In 2001 the division performed 860 operative cases, including 150 pancreatic cases (90 of which were Whipple procedures), 70 major liver cases, and 160 biliary cases (40 of which were major resections and biliary reconstructions).

2. What types of laparoscopic surgery are performed at the division?

The division routinely performs biliary gall bladder surgery, common bile duct surgery, anti-reflux procedures, and adrenalectomies.

3. What is the average length of a hospital stay for laparoscopic procedures?

Patients who undergo gall bladder surgery usually are discharged the same day, while those who undergo adrenalectomoies and anti-reflux procedures are released from the hospital within two to three days.

4. Does the division readily consult with community doctors on certain procedures or new research findings, for example?

We are open for consultation and welcome inquiries from community physicians. One of our areas of expertise is to offer service, communication and results to Jackson Memorial Hospital, and as a result we consult and advise on difficult problems that are referred to us for further workup or subsequent operation.