Clinical Operations

Welcome to Clinical Operations

The Clinical Services Operations subdivision, comprised of Referral Responders, Donor Management Coordinators and Surgical Recovery Coordinators, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the seven counties of South Florida and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

This team of highly skilled specially trained health care professionals dedicated to the support of grief stricken families while conducting the clinical management and surgical recovery of vital organs for transplantation on behalf of critically ill potential recipients. Clinical staff members respond to all Donor Service Area (DSA) hospitals in South Florida for potential donor referrals as designated by CMS to perform functions such as: Medical and Physical assessments, provide organ donation related information/education to medical professionals, request organ donation consent, perform clinical organ donor management, and coordinate the surgical recovery and transportation of vital organs for transplantation and research.

As part of the general operational structure, the LAORA Clinical Team staff members are dispatched at separate intervals in the donation/evaluation process in order to increase the likelihood of a favorable organ donation related experience for the donor family, hospital staff, and the potential recipients. During 2016, the LAORA Clinical Operations division successfully facilitated the surgical recovery of 492 organs from 163 organ donors and saved 424 lives.