Clinical Operations

Message to Hospital Staff

LAORA is always grateful for the outstanding performance that all hospital staff members do to facilitate organ donation. Throughout the more than 70 hospitals we respond to, we never cease to be amazed in the collaboration we receive every time we arrive to seek out new donors from the different types of hospital we service.

In order for organ donation to exist, there has to be a very tight link that unifies us with your institution. This union is supported by nurses, respiratory therapists, echo technicians, surgical techs, physicians, PA’s, and all the healthcare team in general. Thanks to this help, we’ve had great success throughout the years, but we cannot stop here; as days go by we are constantly reminded that more sick patients are added to the organ waiting list than the number of organs available.

It is imperative that we continue to work as a team and strive for the same results, that being; implementing best practices and a pro-donation atmosphere in order to achieve an increase in the numbers of organ donors. It is also important that your hospital be proactive and medically maintain patients that may or are in the process of being pronounced brain dead, give all families the equal opportunity to have their loved ones become organ donors.

We at LAORA thank your hospital staff and always feel at home while visiting your prestigious institutes.

LAORA Clinical and Surgical Team