Michael Osorio

Michael Osorio first joined the University of Miami Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency as an Organ Preservation Perfusionist, and currently serves as the Quality Assurance Associate Director. Michael’s propensity to partaking in fields related to saving lives led him to graduate from Florida State Fire College in Ocala, Florida in 1999, and subsequently join the Hialeah Fire Rescue Department where he serves as a Firefighter, Paramedic, Hazmat Technician and Underwater Search and Rescue Diver. He holds his Associates of Science in Emergency (AS-EMS) from Miami Dade College, and has several organ procurement industry certifications which allow for him to contribute to multiple areas within the organization. Michael joins his careers through the implementation of donor designation campaigns targeted towards emergency personnel in the South Florida communities. During the past six years, Michael Osorio has been responsible for the oversight of the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement subdivision which encompasses all organ procurement organizationstandards and protocols. His role requires collaborative efforts with the LAORA medical director, as well as with other key staff, to ensure service excellence and monitor improvement initiatives.