Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

It is an honor for me to present to you on behalf of all of its members, the DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Our mission is to provide high-quality clinical care with compassion, world-class surgical education and leading-edge research towards new treatments and cures aimed at eradicating modern-day surgical diseases.
From its humble beginnings, in the 1950’s, with ten faculty, the department has grown to 122 clinical and research faculty members. The facility at its inception consisted of Jackson Memorial Hospital and a few single-family homes called cottages which provided faculty offices. It is now the largest Medical Center in the South Eastern United States.
Our Department of Surgery is home to over 500 physicians, nurses, researchers, residents, fellows, and staff working together to provide the highest quality in clinical care, educate the next generation of academic surgeons, and discover new methods to prevent and treat as of yet unsolved surgical diseases.
In 1954, the department assumed responsibility for student and resident education at Jackson Memorial Hospital and these functions remain an essential duty. At that time, Jackson Memorial was the only hospital utilized for training purposes with the Veterans Administration, JFK Medical Center, and the University of Miami Tower added in subsequent years.
We are the Department of Surgery ranked as 16th largest NIH grant recipient and with the 3rd highest RO1 grants in the country. We currently conduct over 100 active research projects with an annual budget of more than $20 million and supported by 81 grants including 22 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 6 from the Department of Defense (DOD) and 55 from other sources.
Our Graduate Medical Education consists of two programs Jackson Memorial Hospital and JFK Medical Center. We have several Residency and Fellowship positions.
Our patients are the reason why we are all here. They are the reason why we train the next generation, why we do the research looking for the next cure and the next innovation in care. Each year patients worldwide seek the expertise of our surgeons and from the first visit, our mission is to build a lasting relationship.

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In addition to our clinical, research, and education missions, we are active contributors to our community in South Florida and the Caribbean. Active programs in Haiti include clinical volunteer services in Trauma and Plastic/Reconstructive surgery. Our robust telemedicine program also allows us to extend clinical and educational programs to Brazil and Iraq.

The Odds Were Against Me

“Our department is named after the pioneer thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon in South Florida, Dr. DeWitt Daughtry and his family. Dr. Daughtry was an early advocate for gender diversity within surgery and an arduous opponent of ‘Big Tobacco’ since the early 1950, at a time when such opposition was a significant uphill battle”