News : 2016 : August

Lee Kaplan, M.D., joins the music-making during the Opening Ceremony in Rio.

UHealth Doctors Return from Rio as Others Depart for the Games

As the Olympics enter week two, the games are already over for some UHealth physicians who served as medical volunteers in Rio. But even as the first doctors to journey to Rio are now home – back with unforgettable memories and stories of amazing medical accomplishments — a second wave of UHealth clinicians has arrived at the games, ready to help the best athletes in the world should they be injured.

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Zika Virus Testing Available at Department of Surgery Transplant Laboratories

The Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery Transplant Laboratories are now offering Zika virus testing. Testing is available for deceased and living donor screenings, recipient screenings and any other patient populations.

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From left, Carolyn Kienstra, M.D., Sheila Conway, M.D., Antonio Marttos, M.D., Gird Pust, M.D., and Lee Kaplan, M.D., at Rio Olympic Arena.

UHealth Trauma Surgeon Leads Rio's Emergency Health Services During the Games

The numbers are staggering – 36 competition and 20 training venues, six hotels, five media villages, one hospital, 306 events, 10,903 athletes, 3,200 referees and assistants, 45,000 volunteers, 25,100 accredited media, 7,000 National Olympic Committee delegates, 5,000 clinicians, 1,000 doctors…and one man responsible for it all.

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From left, Charles Karcutskie, M.D., with Sarah Eidelson, M.D.

Surgical Residents Score Wins as Medical Volunteers in Rio

When Sarah Eidelson, M.D., a general surgery resident at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, first learned other UHealth fellows were volunteering at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, she was immediately intrigued. She never imagined, though, that an email to UHealth trauma surgeon Antonio Marttos, M.D., inquiring if she too could be a part of the Olympics would eventually land her on Copacabana Beach.

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