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Welcome to Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery

The Plastic Surgery Division of the Department of Surgery is a full-service division that includes cosmetic surgery and the reconstruction, restoration, and/or replacement of both congenital and acquired anomalies of appearance and function of the skin. This also includes underlying anatomic systems, such as the craniofacial area, upper aerodigestive system, trunk, breast, perineum, genito-urinary, and the upper and lower extremities.

Offering the latest in cutting-edge research and technology, the Plastic Surgery Division treats many patients who have been referred by physicians from across the country as well as around the globe. Members of the University’s plastic and reconstructive team are experts in a variety of complex procedures and represent a wide range of medical skills and training.

Because this division is one of only two academic plastic surgery programs in Florida, extra emphasis is placed on training and diversity. Thus, physicians have the knowledge, skill and appreciation of both plastic and reconstructive procedures. Because of this, patients have the confidence and comfort of knowing they are being cared for by highly trained and experienced experts in the field.