Body Contouring

Life After Bariatric Surgery

You have lost the weight and have enjoyed shopping for new clothes but maybe you’re still not comfortable with the way you look and feel. Because your skin has been stretched and cannot conform to your reduced body size, it may now hang loosely from your arms, abdomen, neck and other parts of your body making you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, and dieting and exercising hasn’t helped.

There may be other reasons for you to consider body contouring or other plastic surgery: Perhaps your new active lifestyle requires more freedom of movement. Perhaps you want your clothes to fit better. Perhaps you just want to feel better. Those are all valid reasons to seek plastic surgery.

If you’ve already had weight loss surgery, we understand that making a decision about additional surgery can be difficult. Our staff takes the time to listen to your concerns, and presents you with options to help meet your goals.

Common Surgical Procedures:

Arms (brachioplasty)

Sagging skin in the upper arm can be removed with surgery and you can have a nice contour of the arm almost immediately. The scar runs along the inner upper arm to the elbow and cannot be seen from the side or the back but may be seen when your arm is up in the air. Many patients who would never show their arms before this procedure are quite comfortable wearing sleeveless clothes despite the scar.

The average recovery time is one to two weeks and many patients combine this procedure with others, such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift.

Body contouring

Body contouring combines the elements of a tummy tuck, thigh lift and buttocks lift to reshape the entire lower body. Body contouring can improve dimpled or uneven soft tissue (cellulite), excess fat and tissue, and sagging body contours. Body contouring surgery works best when your weight loss has leveled and you’ve been at a stable weight for a minimum of three months.

Breast reshaping

The goal of breast reshaping surgery is to achieve better size and proportion and this can be accomplished through breast reduction, breast lift and breast implants. In patients who have lost weight, a breast lift and implant may be performed simultaneously, and can usually be done during the same operation. Recovery time is usually one to four weeks, depending on the type of surgery.

Face and neck

Loose skin on the neck and face can be corrected with a variety of face and neck lift procedures. The common feature of these procedures is that the scar is hidden along the front of the ear and in the hair. This procedure may be done as same day surgery or with an overnight stay.


Liposuction is a technique that uses suction tubes to remove excess fat. The tubes are typically placed through small abdominal incisions. Because this procedure does not tighten skin, weight loss patients usually have it in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures.

Male gynecomastia

Obesity in men often leads to breast enlargement that can be treated with a combination of liposuction and skin removal. The recovery time is about a week.

Thighs and buttock

This procedure removes excess hanging skin from the inner and/or outer thighs – both lifting and tightening for a slimmer, more compact appearance. Often the outer thighs are lifted during the same operation as a tummy tuck with one continuous scar along the belt line.

Tummy tuck

Formally called abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck can range from liposuction and loose skin removal to major tightening of the stomach muscles, and is the most common procedure performed after weight loss. The surgery can last from one to four hours and often requires an overnight stay in the hospital. Patients are able to return to work within two to four weeks depending on their job function but heavy lifting should be avoided for six weeks.