Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education

In 1963, Dr. Dean Warren appointed Dr. Gilbert Snyder, Chief of the newly formed University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Division of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Snyder developed a formal educational program in the field with the assistance and collaboration of the private practices of Drs. Clifford Snyder, Howard Gordon, Thomas Baker, and D. Ralph Millard. The first plastic surgery resident was appointed 2 years later and was followed by a second 6 months later. In 1967, Dr. D. Ralph Millard was appointed Chief of the Division and continued in this position until 1995. During this period, Dr. Millard made many significant contributions to the specialty of Plastic Surgery, especially in the fields of cleft lip/palate surgery, rhinoplasty, nasal reconstruction, and aesthetic surgery. In 1995, Dr. Seth Thaller was appointed Professor and Chief of the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Division of Plastic Surgery. The Division has continued to grow rapidly and possesses a tremendous future on this medical campus. With our resident clinics remaining active, the quantity and quality of clinical material for education and teaching remains unsurpassed.

We have also been able to maintain an excellent working relationship with our colleagues in the other disciplines within our institution which enable our division to develop a unique clinical perspective. Our three year independent program with 3 residents per year (9 total) in Plastic Surgery encompasses the broad spectrum of our specialty including: surgery of the upper extremity (congenital, elective, and traumatic), burns, maxillofacial trauma, head and neck cancer surgery (extirpation and reconstruction), pediatric plastic surgery, craniofacial surgery (including cleft lip and palate), microvascular reconstruction, and cosmetic surgery. There is ample opportunity and a requirement to perform either clinical or basic science research.

In May 2013, the RRC gave us permission to initiate a 6 year Integrated program. We will accept 1 applicant per year. Our residents will have the opportunity to develop General Surgery skills as well as those necessary to become an independent practicing plastic surgeon. We these two current programs, our Mission is to train the most outstanding plastic surgeons who will make significant contributions to our specialty. There is ample opportunity for residents in both programs to teach, participate in either clinical or basic science research, as well as the full advantage of all the resources available at our medical center and diverse urban environment.

The University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Division of Plastic Surgery is extremely fortunate to have one of the most outstanding voluntary clinical faculties in the country. Many have made significant contributions to our specialty. Each one has a long-standing commitment to resident education and retains an integral role in all facets of our residency program. These factors have enabled our faculty to develop an excellent well-rounded teaching program utilizing a wide range of outstanding resources located both within our surrounding Plastic Surgery community and our institution.

The Plastic Surgery program at The University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital is a fully accredited three year independent training program with its primary objective directed towards the education and training of physicians in the broad scope of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This is achieved through our clinical rotations which have an objective of having our residents develop both a basic fund of clinical knowledge and technical skills for the management of patients with problems involving the many areas of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

At the present time we are permitted to appoint a total of 6 residents (3 per year). All candidates for positions are expected to have completed a surgical residency and have obtained a verification letter form The American Board of Plastic Surgery confirming their pre-requisite training. Applications are only accepted through the Central Application service. To learn more about and apply for this program, please visit this link.