Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I bring to my first appointment with my surgical oncologist?

Please bring previous x-rays, x-ray reports, lab reports, pathology reports and slides (if a biopsy was performed), and other reports pertaining to your medical condition that you think will be helpful to your physician.

2. Where should I park for my appointment?

Parking is available in a nearby garage. For a small charge, valet parking is also available.

3. Should I have a family member or friend accompany me to my appointment?

Yes. The care and treatment of cancer patients can be complex and involved. At a doctor’s appointment, the patient may be presented with much information, and it is beneficial to have a family member or friend present to help understand the information or to ask additional questions.

4. Of what will my exam consist?

A full history of your condition will be taken, including a family history and your risk factors for cancer. You will then undergo a full physical examination with special emphasis on your cancer site. Other tests may be required, especially following your diagnosis.