Surgical Services - VA Medical Center : FAQ’s

Additional Information

1. What should I bring to my first appointment?

The physicians have access to the VA system but if your testing was done outside of the VA please bring the following: previous x-rays, x-ray reports, lab reports, pathology reports and slides (if a biopsy was performed), and other reports pertaining to your medical condition that you think will be helpful to your physician. The slides required are the glass sides and must be requested from the pathology department where they are read. Also, if you have had recent cardiac evaluation, please bring the results.

2. Should I have a family member or friend accompany me to my appointment?

Yes. The care and treatment of cancer patients can be complex and involved. At a doctor’s appointment, the patient may be presented with much information and it is beneficial to have a family member or friend present to help understand the information or to ask additional questions.

3. Of what will my exam consist?

A full history of your condition and previous in your family history and the cancer risk factor will be taken. You will then undergo a full physical examination with special emphasis on your cancer or disease site. Other tests may be required, especially following your diagnosis.